Safety Tips for Getting the Most of Your Boating Trip

YAchts for SaleIf you plan on taking family or friends out on the boat today, it is always good to prepare in advance. While many think that throwing some life jackets on board constitutes boating safety, you would be surprised to see you should be focusing your efforts on quite a few things before the boat leaves the docks.

Consider these boat safety tips from a leading boat and yachts for sale online listing service, before heading out with a boat full of passengers:

1. Always make sure that you and every passenger has and is wearing a life jacket. One rogue wave and these folks could be overboard and drowning without any chance to be saved without that one safety device. Be sure children are wearing them securely at all times when thet travel in the boat too.

2. Take the time to chart your course for the day and note where all the gas stations are located. In case one is out of fuel and you are running low, it is important you know exactly where you are headed before you run dry and are stranded powerless out at sea.

3. Take the time to let at least one person on shore know where you are headed for the time and a general time to expect you back. If you are not back, they can help rescue pin-point exactly where you headed and my be in need of help.

4. If you haven’t taken a boating safely class yet, now is the time. There is so much that can happen out on the water, and with help miles away, you need to be able to act quickly in order to keep all your guests safe in your boat.

5. Invest in a satellite phone and keep it charged on the boat. If an emergency strikes, this could be your only connection to land when every second counts. These are ideal in the event you lose cell service with your regular phone.

6. Make sure your boat radio is working and that you know who to call if trouble strikes. You should know the local law enforcement channels by heart and have something on the boat that will allow you to reach them easily if the boat experiences trouble and you and your guests are stranded.

These safety tips should be committed to memory and practiced each time you want to set sail with any amount of guests. These tips could save a life in the event something were to go wrong on the water.


How a Realtor is Invaluable When House Shopping

It doesn’t matter if it is a sellers or buyers market, when you are in the market for a home for sale in Charleston SC you need all the help you can get to lock up the house of your dreams. Too many people think going at it alone or with any realtor they know will work, then quickly get discouraged when the house of their dreams gets bought out from under them. That was because the other couples had more aggressive and knowledgeable realtors working hard to close the deals.

homes for sale in Charleston SCHere are a few reasons you need the best local realtor like the folks at Premier One at your side when house hunting:

Your realtor is going to discuss with you at length the house type you desire and make sure to start the search immediately. They will schedule showings of available houses right out of the gate so you get into as many qualifying houses in the shortest time.

Buy a home and get commission rebates, it really could not be easier. Just be sure that you inquire with the real estate agent before you sign anything. This is a cut of their hard earned pay, a generous offering for doing business with them.

Each day, the best local realtor is up at dawn scouring the MLS listings for new houses that fit your criteria and scheduling showings so you are some of the first people to see the house. Your realtor also knows when offers come in too, so they can help you to get moving faster so you can present your own offer before the seller commits to anything.

The best local realtor understands that in a sellers market, you can not play games with offers because the seller will simply wait out the best offer. They will instruct you that if this is the house of your dreams, you have to make an offer that does not insult the seller so they can close the deal with you amicably.

One of the biggest advantages to working with the best local realtor is that they are going to take care of all the details of the buying process so all you do is listen and follow their instructions. They will present the offer to the sellers, they will schedule home inspections, they will contact the closing attorney, schedule the closing, and provide you all the details you need to make this a seamless and painless transaction.

Working with the best local real estate agent will not only put you in the position of finding your dream house, it will make certain you have the best chance to beat out other buyers and get into that house in as little time as possible too.

Why Should You Inquire About a Real Estate Rebate?

The real estate rebate is something your realtor will give you as incentive to work with them. You agree to work with a particular real estate agent and they agree to give you a percentage of their commission. If you think this might be chump change, consider the following and see why you should be asking your realtor about the rebate before signing any contracts.

Real Estate RebatesThe bottom line, real estate rebates are good for consumers;

1. The real estate rebate is something between you and your realtor, and something that you need to inquire about because most realtors are not yet on board. This is in fact a percentage of the realtor’s paycheck, and they work extremely hard for every dollar they earn. The realtors however will agree to give you the cut if you agree to sign a contract to utilize their services.

2. Let us assume for the sake of this article that you are buying a house between $250,000 – $300,000. The real estate rebate you could receive simply for asking is around $2,500 or more. Can you imagine being handed a check for that amount at the closing of your home?

3. There really is no extra effort made on your part other than asking the realtor for the real estate rebate. You do not have to fill out forms or submit any documents, once you ask you agree with your realtor and the deal is done. There really is no reason you shouldn’t be asking, it is like tossing money away. Just be sure you ask before you sign the contract.

4. When most people walk out of closing, they are penniless until their next paycheck because of all the costs involved with the closing. Buying points, lawyer fees, and more, can run in the thousands in some cases. Now you get you nice big check, and you can use it a number of ways. Pay off the moving company, buy a few weeks of food, pay utility deposits, or just have the property landscaped. That money can really come in handy when home buyers need it the most.

5. Most realtors who offer the real estate rebates are working their tails off to make up the money. This means you have not only a generous agent, you have a motivated agent to get you in the house you want in the shortest time possible.

The real estate rebate is a win for the buyers and for the agents.